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About STR Chef for Hire

What’s for Dinner? Ask today’s busy households and you’ll hear answers such as fast food or frozen pizza. Your schedule doesn’t leave room for a lot of extras. In fact, how are you supposed to find time just to prepare a delicious, well-balanced dinner? Or even to buy groceries?


That’s why we offer:

  • Variety of Healthy Meals

  • Customized Menus

  • Complete Grocery Shopping

  • Freshest Ingredients

  • Convenience


Now close your eyes and imagine coming home from a busy day. Within a short time you’ve filled your home with heavenly aromas and added the finishing touches on a wonderful dinner. Sit down and enjoy!


Dinner Solution

STR is the solution to a better, convenient, healthier, and more satisfying eating experience.  Having a trained chef pick up groceries, prepare nourishing meals and cleanup is one of today’s hottest trends among young professionals and busy families.

Priced to Please

STR Personal Culinary Service offers pricing options that range from family to gourmet plans. Please contact for more information. 


Food Truck Option

When it comes to your food and service, we don’t take any shortcuts. We offer high-quality food at reasonable prices. The food truck is a preparation alternative. Instead of coming into your home, we park at your residence and bring the food to you. Follow along with us! 

What We Offer


Chef Mark has the ability to cook not only to your tastes but also according to your dietary requirements. So, if you need a low-fat meal and you don’t eat red meat, don’t worry. In fact, Over 300 entrees are available, which means you won’t see the same meal twice in a 6-month period unless you request a repeat of favorites.


Chef Mark will start by sitting down with you to discuss your preferences and tastes. Together, you will plan the week’s menus that feature your favorite foods.


On your scheduled cooking day, Chef Mark will shop for the groceries needed for the meals on your menu. He will purchase all of the items needed and the cost of these groceries are incorporated into the charge for the daily or weekly service.


When shopping, Chef Mark will select the freshest produce available, avoiding foods that are heavily processed or have unwanted additives.  If the menu contains meat dishes, expect tender cuts of meat or fall-off-the-bone braised dishes.  For safety sake, all ingredients will be purchased the morning of your cooking day.  


Chef Mark will clean and sterilize the food preparation area of your kitchen, cook a week’s worth of delicious meals, and clean up when finished.  The first meal will be laid out for that day while the other meals will be labeled and put away in the refrigerator or freezer with detailed instructions for re-heating. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy fabulous meals.  



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